Oktober 20th, 2015

OOOOOOOOOKAY, I know that I’m one day over the deadline of submission ( sorry mrs Semerow ) but thats because Youtube took 2 (!!) whole days to upload the video ! And the quality isn’t even that good, because if I would’ve chosen HD, I’d probably still be waiting for it to load. Aaaanyways, here is the Vlog (woohoo) :

Exploring London City

Oktober 16th, 2015


Our five-day trip to London began on Monday October 5th 2015. The flight departed around 1 p.m. at Berlin Tegel and for some of us it was going to be their first flight ever. Arriving two hours later at London Heathrow we could catch a first glance at the weather- and what else should the weather be like? Of course it was raining! Our hostel “The Walrus” in which we stayed for four nights was located next to Westminster Bridge. That was pretty convenient because we were able to reach most of the sights within easy walking distance. After moving into our rooms we decided to make a quick side-trip to Leicester Square. On the way my small group of five went lost due to a misunderstanding. Luckily we got together half an hour later. During this trip we passed Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square until everyone had free time to get something for dinner at Leicester Square. Marie and I ate some overpriced not delicious noodles which we regretted afterwards. Right next to Leicester Square adjoined beautiful Chinatown but unfortunately we didn´t know. Returning to our hostel in the late evening most of us fall asleep immediately.


Walking to Leicester Sqaure

Walking to Leicester Square

Chinatown by night

Chinatown by night


Next morning we got up about 7:45 a. m. to get breakfast downstairs. It was more or less what one had expected. For me it was sufficient but not really tasty. The plan was to go sightseeing with our London Pass on Tuesday and Wednesday therefore we first headed off to Westminster Abbey. This is a church near Houses of Parliament in which the kings and queens of England were crowned. It was a pity the church was closed until afternoon because of a ceremony. At the same time it started to pour down and as a result we drove to Kensington Palace. Nearly everyone was deeply impressed by the grey squirrels in Kensington Gardens. From there on we also went to visit Royal Albert Hall (in which the new Mercedes Benz was presented), the Royal Mews (lots of richly ornamented carriages and horses) and the Buckingham Palace. One thing included in our London Pass was the London Bridge Experience. That´s a scary tour about the history of London below the bridge. It ended with a funny but creepy walk through the tombs similar to the London Dungeon. Therefrom we walked to the Monument and managed to climb up all 311 steps upstairs. The view was fantastic although many cranes ruined the scene. In the evening Marie and I split from the group to watch an original movie while the others went to see Tower Bridge by night.


Fredi, Timo, Linda and me in front of Westminster Abbey

Typical London weather

Typical London weather

Exploring Kensington Palace

Exploring Kensington Palace

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens


Wednesday started with a boat tour which was a pleasant alternation for getting to all sights by foot. Well, at least at the beginning – our teachers changed plans so the passage lasted only a few minutes. Starting at the London Eye we found ourselves walking again towards Tower Bridge. Stopping at Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre we learned some stuff about the theatre itself and its construction. Two students gave also additionally information about it when they were holding their presentation. My favourite stop was the Tower Bridge. We went to the top by lift, where a wonderful view awaited us. One could also watch the cars and the Thames through a glass-made bottom. Patricia, Linda and I were busy taking millions of photos. It took so long – fortunately we didn´t lost the rest of our group (who weren´t really alright with that). After Tower Bridge we visited the Tower, the famous prison of London and joined a tour as well. Expecting an interesting guidance through the Tower it turned out to be a speech of an old-fashioned man. In my opinion it was very boring because the guide spoke incomprehensibly and we were just sitting in a church for 30 minutes. Everyone was supposed to see Westminster Abbey (which we weren´t able to do on Tuesday). To get there we caught the next boat to Westminster station set off for the church. But Patricia and I were hungry so we didn´t spend much time in there and started looking for food. The day ended with strolling up and down the Oxford Street to catch the last open shops.


Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Heading towards the entrance of Tower Bridge

Heading towards the entrance of Tower Bridge

View through the glass bottom

The glass bottom of the Tower Bridge

View fromWestminster Bridge


In contrast to the days before Thursday wasn´t that full. I had to get up a bit earlier than the others to meet a good friend who is doing an au pair year. We really enjoyed spending the morning together, dawdling in Regent and Oxford Street but she had to leave around midday. The rest of my group picked a bus to King´s Cross in the morning to visit the Harry Potter Shop and Gate 9 ¾. Unfavourably they took a bus in the wrong direction thereby their ride lasted one hour (also a cool way to sightsee!). Patricia and I used the time left to visit several shops and a bookstore before passing National Gallery. There we rested an hour to take a look at the exhibited paintings which weren´t originals, though. Fast we got uninterested in these ancient pictures and lack of modern works. While many of us went to watch different musicals this evening we decided to go back to our hostel. My initial planning was to catch a ride with the London Eye with Marie. But the plan got cancelled after she got sick. During late dinner the three of us chatted with some nice guys from Germany and appreciated an evening off.


Timo taking pictures inside the National Gallery

Timo taking pictures inside the National Gallery

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

London by night

London by night


The last day included mainly our departure. Such as on Monday we had to take the underground until we arrived at Heathrow airport. The flight was intended to leave 2:35 p.m. but after waiting minutes to get information it was delayed (luckily only 20 minutes later). First thing I noticed when being back in Berlin was the cold and rainy weather. Of course London was also rainy but all these days the temperature has been actually pleasant. And we had luck to catch a little bit of sunshine the last two days. However, the weather didn´t influence the fact that we had five awesome, funny but also informing days together.


London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport

London is always a good idea!

Spedizione a Roma Capitale

Oktober 8th, 2015

Heute Vormittag um 11.20 Uhr begann unsere Reise in die Hauptstadt Italiens. Nach einem 1 1/2-stündigen Flug erreichten wir unseren Campingplatz „Camping Village Roma“ und bezogen die Chalets. Bei 25 Grad fuhr die Gruppe mit Bus und Metro in die Innenstadt.
Das große Highlight des Tages war der Besuch des Petersdoms, den uns Antonia vorstellte. Das beeindruckende Gebäude wurde im Jahre 1506 erbaut und ist ein wichtiger Ort für die christliche Gemeinschaft. Danach berichteten uns Lukas und Noelle über den Vatikanstaat und Papst Franziskus. Als der schulische Teil getan war, hatten wir noch eine Stunde Zeit, um die Stadt zu erkunden.
Wir gingen durch viele Gassen, in denen sich an jeder Ecke ein kleines, romantisches Restaurant befand.
Nun lassen wir gemeinsam den Abend ausklingen und freuen uns auf den morgigen Tag.

Wanderung bis zum Tiber

Oktober 7th, 2015

Den heutigen Tag begannen wir mehr oder weniger ausgeschlafen und natürlich voller Motivation um 7.30 Uhr beim Frühstück. Schon am Morgen hatten wir über 21 Grad und somit stieg auch unsere Stimmung an.
Nachdem dies erledigt war, fuhren wir erneut mit dem Bus in die Stadt und von dort an weiter bis zum Cirkus Maximus. An diesem Ort begannen Niels und Daniel ihre Stadtführung, in der sie uns viele Sehenswürdigkeiten vorstellten.
Ferdinand führte die Gruppe durch die Caracalla-Thermen, in den die alten Römer ihre Freizeit genossen. Als nächstes erwartete uns eine 45-minütige Wanderung bis zum Tiber, wonach wir zwei Stunden Zeit hatten, das Viertel zu erkunden, einzukaufen und selbstverständlich in italienischen Restaurants zu speisen.
Später besuchten wir das Kolosseum, das seinem Namen alle Ehre macht! Die Besichtigung des riesigen Monumentes war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Direkt im Kolosseum hielten Johanna sowie Katja ihre Vorträge. Nachdem wir nun neun Stunden unterwegs waren und uns die Hitze dementsprechend zu schaffen machte, begannen wir unseren Heimweg und konnten noch zehn Minuten im Schwimmbad verbringen, das sich direkt auf dem Campingplatz befindet.

Nach diesem anstrengenden, aber auch sehr spannenden Tag genießen wir nun noch ein paar ruhige Stunden, bis die Wecker morgen früh um sieben erneut klingeln.

(Bilder folgen noch..)


Oktober 6th, 2015

Schon die Hälfte unserer Studienfahrt ist bereits vergangen!

Wie auch gestern trafen wir uns gemeinsam beim Frühstück und begaben uns danach mit dem Bus in die Stadt. Oliver führte uns heute in seiner Tagestour zum Forum Romanum, einem der bedeutendsten Orte der Römer, in dem Elisabeth und Paul ihren Studienauftrag präsentierten. Sie stellten Überreste des Saturntempels, des Titusbogens und der Basilica Iulia vor, von denen teilweise nur noch Bruchstücke erhalten waren. Nach einem kleinen Fußmarsch standen wir schließlich auf dem Piazza Navona, einem großen Marktplatz, auf dem sich drei berühmte Brunnen befinden. Willi berichtete unter anderem vom Vierströmebrunnen, dessen vier Statuen die Kontinente Afrika, Asien, Europa und Amerika verkörpern sollten.

Die letzte Wanderung des Tages führte uns zu dem beeindruckenden Trevibrunnen, dem größten von menschenhand errichteten Brunnen der Welt. Als letztes erreichten wir die spanische Treppe, die wir aufgrund von Bauarbeiten leider nicht besteigen konnten.

In der anschließenden Freizeit konnten wir nun wieder shoppen und natürlich das italienische Essen in vollen Zügen genießen.

Einer der schönsten Teile des Tages ist das gemeinsame Beisammensein am Abend, an dem wir auf den Tag zurückblicken und Karten an Freunde und Verwandte schreiben.

In diesem Sinne eine gute Nacht,

fino a domani!


Unser letzter voller Tag in der Hauptstadt Italiens

Oktober 5th, 2015

Unser letzter voller Tag in der Hauptstadt Italiens neigt sich dem Ende zu.

Nachdem wir heute vormittag die Ruinenstadt Ostia Antica besuchten und gefühlte 100 Fotos von Eidechsen schossen, hatten wir den restlichen Tag Zeit, um die letzten Stunden in Rom zu genießen. Wir haben fast alle Sehenswürdigkeiten besucht, jedes bekannte italienische Gericht gegessen und über 13 km allein zu Fuß zurückgelegt. Nicht zu vergessen ist der Besuch des römischen Theaters, in dem uns Toni sein selbstgeschriebenes Stück vorstellte, um die Akustik des Bauwerks zu demonstrieren. Außerdem entdeckten wir heute noch kleine, schöne Geschäfte, aus denen wir Geschenke für Familie und Freunde kauften.

Nun sitzen wir am Pool, hören Musik und genießen die letzten Sonnenstrahlen. Am Abend wird noch einmal Pizza gegessen und die Zeit mit Freunden verbracht, bis es morgen wieder nach Hause geht.

Rückblickend war die Studienfahrt bis jetzt ein voller Erfolg.

Kursfahrten 2014

Mai 11th, 2015

„Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen.“   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Die Kursfahrten finden in diesem Jahr vom 06. Oktober 2014 bis zum 10. Oktober 2014 statt.

Das sind unsere Reiseziele:

1.  Dublin

2.  Dalmatien

3.  Sankt-Peter Ording

4.  Antibes


Antibes – un voyage d’études avec beaucoup d’impressions

Januar 22nd, 2015

Frankreich-Fahrt, 05.-10.10.2014
Sonntag, 05.10.2014

Am Sonntag trafen wir uns gegen 15:45 vor der Schule und blickten allesamt voller Erwartungen auf die uns bevorstehende Reise nach Südfrankreich. Da der Bus bereits vor Ort war, konnten wir sehr schnell aufbrechen. Nachdem die Koffer verstaut und alle einen Sitzplatz gefunden hatten, ließen wir Fürstenwalde hinter uns und hatten eine lange Fahrtstrecke zu überwinden. Die regulär angesetzte Fahrzeit wurde dabei durch einen etwa 2 ½ stündigen Stau noch verlängert. Um uns die Zeit zu vertreiben, schauten wir den Film „Das ist das Ende“ und natürlich durfte auch eine Pause bei dem heißbegehrten gelben M nicht fehlen. Da es zu diesem Zeitpunkt jedoch schon 23 Uhr geschlagen hatte, war der Appetit bei vielen nicht mehr alt zu groß. Anschließend wurde es dann doch etwas ruhiger im Bus und viele versuchten, den Bedingungen entsprechend, etwas Schlaf zu bekommen…

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Die Schönheit Dalmatiens

Dezember 12th, 2014

Tag 1

Unsere Studienfahrt in das schöne Dalmatien startete am Dienstag den 07.10.2014 um 5:00 Uhr am Flughafen Berlin Tegel. Nach einem reibungslosen Checkin begaben wir uns zu unserem Flugzeug, welches uns rund 1000km südöstlich nach Split flog. Um 7:45 Uhr Ortszeit landeten wir pünktlich und begaben uns anschließend zum Bus, welcher uns nach Vodice in unsere Unterkunft brachte. Dort kamen wir ca. 9:45 an und bezogen schnellstmöglich unsere Zimmer und Appartements. Die wunderschöne Hotelanlage bot viele Möglichkeiten zum relaxen. Wir ließen die Seele bei 22 Grad Sonnenschein am Pool baumeln. Dank einer Küchenzeile in jedem Appartement konnten wir uns selbst mit essen aus dem nahegelegenen Supermarkt „Conzum“ versorgen.
Gegen 19:00 Uhr trafen wir uns schließlich zum reichhaltigen Abendbrot im Restaurant des Hotels. Anschließend stellte und Herr Niele den Plan für die nächsten Tage vor. Dank eines Busses, der uns für unseren Aufenthalt zur Verfügung stand, hatten wir alle Möglichkeiten die wichtigsten Städte Dalmatiens zu besichtigen.

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Our trip to Dublin

November 10th, 2014

Hey guys,

I had the luck to go to Dublin, Ireland on a class trip from October 6th until 10th. Our journey started at Fürstenwalde train station early in the morning when everyone was still tired but the early bird catches the worm. So we took a two hours flight from Berlin Schönefeld Airport to Dublin Airport. We got there by noon to be picked up by a bus driver who brought us to the hostel we had booked. The bad news was that all of the twelve girls had to share one room so it was going to get cuddly. The nice thing was we had a big roof terrace on which we could spend our free nights.
After checking in we had some free time and first thing we did as sophisticated German tourists was to go shopping at Primark or as it is called there: Penneys. Then we got the chance to explore the city by ourselves and to take first impressions.

A little bakery close to our hostel

Main Street

In the early evening our three female teachers Mrs. Semerow, Mrs. Dr. Schreier and Mrs. Reidenbach invited us to an Irish music performance at The Den Bar.

The Den Bar

After a few metro stops and a long walk we got there and it was worth it. It was just like one imagines those Irish Pubs with the rustic atmosphere. The music was different but an experience to all of us. The musicians played Irish instruments like the fiddle, the harp or the bagpipe. A young woman even tap-danced for us. They didn’t just sing their songs in Irish but also in Gaelic which is the original language of Ireland. We were also joined by some Americans, Singaporeans and Irishmen. Unfortunately we lost in the singing contest between the countries which was hosted by the Irish band. Back at the hostel everyone tried to be in the shower first and get to bed because most of us were exhausted.

Tuesday we went to Trinity College where we were able to see another part of town.

The River Liffy

This public College was founded in 1592 and has some nice old buildings on its campus. Our tour guide, a female student, showed us around and told us some interesting stories about the College. What I thought was fascinating that there is an old dining hall were advanced students and professors could eat. This seemed pretty special to me because the building looked very pretentious from the outside and going inside probably would make one feel extraordinary.

Trinity College

Afterwards we looked into a little museum on campus where the Book of Kells was displayed. This book contains the four gospels in Latin and was produced in the early 9th century by monks. Another part of the exposition was the Trinity College Library which I found mesmerizing since there were small venerable cabins with books up to the ceiling. The highest bookshelves could only be reached with the help of an old wooden ladder. In front of the cabins there were busts of famous writers.

The Old Library

After this tour we had some free time when we went to Penneys a second time. In the evening our organization had planned a pasta night for us. The ingredients were provided but we needed to cook by ourselves. Some nice people bought some meat for the spaghetti Bolognese and then the cooks could start. After difficulties with the stove and two hours of waiting we could finally eat dinner.

The worst weather we had on Wednesday for our hop-on hop-off bus tour. We had the possibility to pass or to visit the famous sights. The problem was that the sky over Dublin wanted to show us the routine: The rain was pouring down as we got off the bus and we had no idea where to go. At that time I missed our teachers who had gotten off a few stations earlier. The advantage of class trips is that there are teachers who plan everything and know interesting places but now we were on our own. Soaked to the skin we walked through town until we realized that today was not the best day to walk around without a plan.
So we went to the next bus stop to get to the meeting point: The Guinness Storehouse where we were supposed to meet with our class. The Storehouse was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness and is still producing its typical Irish beer. Inside there were machines which are used to brew the beer and the ingredients were introduced. The exposition was a combination of modern and vintage look.

At Guinness Storehouse

There was a rooftop terrace which was surrounded by windows which allowed the visitors a good view over the capital with a glass of Guinness. Subsequently we went back to the hostel by bus and I was finally able to put on dry clothes after being caught unawares by the rain. I also got the chance to eat one of my five instant soups I had equipped myself with at home. Yummy! -.-

Thursday was the most exiting day to me. We went to the Wicklow Mountains which are an hour away from Dublin by bus. Our bus driver was very talkative and made jokes the entire time while telling us important facts about the sights he drove by. After a bus tour where we could all chat we didn’t have luck with the weather on our first stop. There was mist everywhere! So we had to save the look into the valley for later. Our next stop was an old cemetery belonging to the ruins of Reefert Church which was built in the 11th century. This cemetery was very impressive in its appearance also because of the landscape around it.

Cemetery at Reefert Church

There was a path were one could walk passed the mountains and get to the Upper and Lower Lake. So we had a lot of time to wander around or sit in the little café which was close to the parking lot. After three hours we went back to the valley hoping for a better sight and we weren’t disappointed. We had a nice view over the mountains and a big lake.
Afterwards we stopped in another part of Dublin which we hadn’t seen before. There we had the time to walk around town, next to the port, or to go shopping. After going back I joined a few others who were preparing a meal for dinner which consisted of potatoes, meatballs and mixed vegetables. The teachers were also invited and at the end pretty surprised about our work. By the way I was only the one who peeled the potatoes. So we had a nice dinner with a pleasant atmosphere which made that night to a good last night of our journey.

Friday was our last day. We got up mostly well rested I guess, picked up our rooms, and packed our luggage. Then we got the chance to say goodbye to Dublin due to some more free time. My group went to Penneys one last time and afterwards to Starbucks and McDonald’s. Then we met up with the others back at the hostel, got our luggage and entered the bus to the airport. There we stayed a couple more hours to take the plane in the early evening. Dublin is a beautiful city which I think has lots of opportunities for tourists and the people there are mostly very helpful. The only problem was that a lot of things there are very expensive but since I brought my own food I could handle that issue. I can only recommend a trip to Dublin to everyone!